SmartScada is the solution to the maintenance of control systems of a wind farm. SmartScada lies in the experience of the technical team Smartive and provideson-site and remote solutions for any problem that might occur. It is a multi-product, so it is not limited to a particular type of turbine.

Upgrade your SCADA

Keep your platform at the edge of innovation in Wind Farm Management. SmartSCADA upgrades the existing SCADA to a better performed platform, adding our innovation and technological advances in predictive maintenance. Also, SmartSCADA is adaptable to other control and monitoring tools and compatible with every type of turbine, which makes it fully adaptable to your environment. Upgrade, perform.

Backup for proper operation

SmartSCADA performs the conventional system backups to guarantee the safety of your data. By exporting data to your own servers, SmartSCADA ensures the proper operation of your wind farm. Protect your wind farm, avoid digital disasters.

Commodity in WF management

Personalize your SCADA to adapt it to your working methods. With different user interfaces, that can customize their own dashboard, and the possibility to report performance and failures in quick and clear reports, SmartSCADA offers you the possibility to comfortably manage your wind farm in an accessible and adaptable platform. Spend your time in performing your farm, not in trying to understand it.

Remote & On-Site support

By using SmartSCADA, your platform will be supported by the Smartive team. From a remote connection and reinforcement to an on-site support in case your farm needs it. Experience and innovation in wind power at your disposal.

SmartSCADA features
  • Multi-product
  • Adaptable to other control & monitoring tools
  • Remote & On-site assistance
  • Accessible & available