Our Technology

The Smartive technology aim to improve the operation and reduce the maintenance costs and increase the efficiency of wind power stations.

Our current technology involve, Algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, ANFIS & Genetic Algorithms), Cloud Computing & Data Mining. Smartive has an experienced team working on signal processing, in the field of transient analysis and instrumentation to develop advanced low-cost instrumentation solutions. Smartive has also introduced IoT technologies to their developments to allow real-time on-line monitoring and control.

The technology is based on results of research at the Doctoral Thesis and Post Doctoral projects from the CEO of the company, at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, when he created the company iTesTiT, which is nowadays the technology behind the products and services of Smartive.

Smartive develops his award-winning technology together with research institutions all around the world. You can take a look of our Partners here.

  • Time based Signal Processing
  • Frequency based Signal Processing
  • Time-Frequency (Wavelets, Hilbert Huang)
  • Fault Factor Feature Extractions (220)
  • Advanced Neuro Fuzzy –ANFIS-
  • Genetic Algorithms –GA-
  • Selection & Extraction
  • Collaborative Systems