Why Smartive?

Smartive was founded to contribute to sustainable growth. By developing Smart Platforms for the energy sector, Smartive provides solutions to increase energy efficiency and renewal.

Smartive is a company founded by people, led by people, and develops solutions for the people. We care about our user’s needs. That is why we work to develop empathic platforms for our users.

Smartive is a global company. Our headquarters are located in Barcelona, but we currently have partners all over the world.

Smartive provides services for the supervision, monitoring, diagnose, and prognoses of wind turbines. Our products are designed for the people by the people. We care about how the information is provided and delivered. We work on the design of easy interfaces to show complex data in an easy and user comprehensive way.

Smartive Eco
Why do we do it?

Smartive is committed to sustainable development and energy renewal. We believe that the introduction of smart platforms to the energy market will allow a better and faster introduction of renewal generation and therefore the reduction of oil & gas consumption.

As a company, we are involved on the development of innovative solutions to enhance the use of renewals and to reduce global warming. Smartive aspires to become an active player on this major global issue.

We believe in people and we do care about peoples’ needs. That is why Smartive works in the development of empathetic platforms. We work to improve people’s daily life and to contribute to the development of a more sustainable world.