The architecture of SMARTIVE platform includes an Ingest layer feeding a data lake, Data analytics layer and finally the user interface.

For the specific data analytic module, related with SMARTCAST product, SMARTIVE has a defined structure in Python shown as follows.

In the python-cast and packages modules SMARTIVE combines technologies of supervised and non-supervised Machine and Deep Learning specifically,
• Regressive Modelling (PLS, gradient boosting, CNN)
• Clustering (autoencoders, SOM)
• Classifiers (ANN, LSTM, RF, Naïve Bayes)
The data structure in those blocks is defined as follows:

The methodology used for supervised algorithms failure analysis is detailed shown as follows, it includes the labelling of fault condition on the historical data.


SCADA System security must consider
Policy Management: Cyber security is considered a threat because if an intruder somehow gains access to a SCADA system then the intruder most probably also gains control over everything within the system
Data Integrity: To mitigate Denial of Service (DoS) attack
Weak Communication: the communication links of SCADA systems can be attacked easily because they do not typically provide encryption and authentication mechanisms
The three challenges that must be considered to improve SCADA system network
• SCADA systems security within the network can be improved by utilizing intrusion detection systems and keeping firewalls up to date, thereby keeping the system’s activities under constant supervision.
• SCADA systems security management can be improved by performing regular risk assessments and improving the clarity of security plans and their implementations.
• Access control for SCADA systems can be improved as well. The first step in securing any system is to prevent the system from being accessed by unauthorized entities

Industrial IoT on cloud introduces additional challenges on different weak points,

• Data Integrity and Privacy
• Data Logging
• Ownership
• Authentication and Encryption
• Embedded device protection in IIoT