SmartAudit An Integral data engineering study through SCADA and operational data combining different tools of SMARTIVE Technology to define operational health, failure prediction and root-cause analysis supported by our excellence operational team with more than 20 y experience in wind farms at a very competitive cost.

Keep your turbines healthy

Audit your wind turbines. Know at this moment the health status of some specific wind turbines and detect in advance the potential anomalies. With SmartAudit, you will be able to get both a diagnostic to identify the problem and a prognostic to analyse why is that happening to your wind turbine. All this with both historic and forensic analysis.

All our operational experience on your hands through SmartAudit 

Using SMARTIVE Technology and our operational and services experience of more than 20 y in wind farms (all OEMs), Anticipation means disaster avoidance. By avoiding breakdowns, the maintenance of your wind turbines will improve in three different ways: you will lower the magnitude of the tragedy by anticipating it, you will be able to better plan the operation of maintenance and you will spare energy losses by applying it at the optimal time. Say goodbye to last-minute emergency repairs in high wind periods.

First step into knowing our full predictive platform SMARTCAST

Due to Customer annual budget restrictions, we have split up SMARTCAST in different project stages, which allows us to adapt total project cost to Customer’s needs.

We have therefore included SMARTAUDIT as an integral engineering study  especially useful to study any particular area which has worried to customer like pitch, gear box etc.…, predicting possible future failures in the short and medium term, defining their root-causes based on Customer´s SCADA and operation detailed data analysis, adding as optional the rest of the other SMARTCAST project stages, necessary to develop the full SMARTCAST predictive maintenance platform starting out with these initial wind farms

High accuracy in each turbine

Check your wind farms and select your more problematics WTGs to be analyze in detail his actual health and failures prediction in any particular component based on your historical or operational data. Different wind turbines have different performances. SmartAudit is computed independently for every wind turbine: our algorithms adapt to the different characteristics of every single wind turbine, enforcing the effectiveness of the anomaly prediction. It does not matter the brand nor the model, our experts are able to adapt SmartAudit to all your wind turbines.

SmartAudit features
  • Preliminary Stage into our full predictive platform SMARTCAST
  • Low Cost
  • Fast implementation
  • High Accuracy
  • Diagnose