SmartGear is the low-cost solution that allows precise monitoring of wind turbines. Each customer and each wind turbine is different, then why do you always use the same condition monitoring system? SmartGear adapts to your company, with a preliminary analysis by the needs of the client / project and the conditions of the turbine are determined.

Precise monitoring of wind turbines

Get into detail in the most important parts of your wind turbine. SmartGear allows you to track online and 24/7 your wind turbines’ transmission system via web platform, improving the preventive maintenance with an early fault detection. Dominating the transmission system of your machines involves winning control over your wind farm.

Detailed vibration analysis

Through sensors installed in bearings, shafts and gears, the experience-based analysis of SmartGear provides a precise vibration analysis, transforming vibrations in the transmission system to Amplitude, Fast Fourier Transformation, Short-Time Fourier Transformation… Be able to identify all vibrations outside the normal operating range, and act in time.

SmartGear Blueprint
Smart Gear Graphic

SmartCast + SmartGear, the ultimate solution

As a low-cost solution with outstanding precision levels, SmartGear allows you to reduce the maintenance costs due to failures in the transmission system, the most expensive part of a wind turbine. Adding this to the already important savings provided by SmartCast will mean a significant reduction of the overall maintenance costs in your wind farm.

Adaptable and comparable

Thanks to the experience-based team of Smartive, this solution applies for every wind turbine, no matter the manufacturer or model. As an interesting extra, SmartGear allows you to compare different wind turbines in the same application, in order to contrast different behaviors in different machines.

SmartGear features
  • Detailed vibration analysis
  • Sensors in the transmission system
  • Experience-based
  • Adaptable and accessible