SmartBoard is an interactive dashboard which provides real time information about the main indicators of the wind farm exploitation (production, invoicing
and availability), in a quick and intuitive way, in every device with internet connection (PC, tablet and smartphone).

Also, SmartBoard provides historical data of the wind farm, as well as individual data of each wind turbine, for daily, monthly and annual forecast, in order to
develop a deep operation analysis and identify budget deviations. The tool also offers the download of historical data in different formats (pdf, Excel CSV…) and for a given period.

Everywhere, Anytime

Digitalization at its pure state for wind power; the status of your wind turbines and wind farms at any place and any moment. Smartboard offers real time information from any smart device (smartphone, tablet or PC) with internet connection. An important feature for those whose workplace is rarely at the office.


Reduce OPEX Costs

More information means a better management of the wind: knowing precisely the production of your wind farm, and specifically of any of your wind turbines, allows you to have a better knowledge of the behavior of your machines. With Smartboard, you can detect on real time when do your machines stop working in order to know when to apply maintenance, and this is translated in an increase of productivity and decrease of the OPEX costs.

Simple, Easy and Fast Real-Time Data

Wind farms have never been easier to understand. With a selection of the key features that affect the performance of the farm, no previous formation in wind technology is required to understand the information shown at Smartboard. Plus, the user-friendly interface of the App together with its fast computing will allow you to consult your real time data form the SCADA platform in a quick tap.


Scalability and Compatibility

The application offers broad compatibility: since the software has been developed in order to read and organize data from the SCADA platforms, the result application is scalable to all the wind turbines manufacturers and models. Also, the App is able to read and compute data for any SCADA Platform.

SmartBoard features
  • Mobile and accessible
  • Clear and simple
  • Quick and real-time data
  • Compatible with different turbines and SCADA platforms