SmartOpex App

SmartOpex is the low cost implementation for monitoring operations at a wind farm. It is completely customizable to the clients, who has an ERP or not, providing solutions to the needs of management.

It consists of two parts. One with internet access via a computer follows all the activities in the site and allows the assignment of these tasks to the maintenance teams. Using this application and monitoring the operations, SmartOpex gives typical indicators such as MTTR, MTBF, failure rates, delays in preventive, downtime and lost track of the hours of work. SmartOpex also gives the working hours in the site.

The other part of application uses a mobile device (phone or tablet) and receives the work order issued by the principal operator. This mobile monitoring takes place and any observations noted. It also allows the photographic capture and annotation barcode or equivalent for a piece changed during maintenance. A more control of stock is achieved in the wind farm allowing an optimization of the assets.

How it works

All information acquired by the mobile device is sent to the server at the moment when internet is available allowing rapid and comprehensive monitoring of what happens in the site.

The allocation of tasks to different teams can be done manually or can be scheduled for automatic assignment of some or all alarms received, accelerating the performance of the pair of guard.

Of course SmartOpex supports SmartGear and SmartCast, narrowing the gap between improving detection and improved performance.

SmartOpex App
SmartOpex Features
SmartOpex App
  • Customizable
  • Easy installation
  • Portable
  • Compatible with ERP