Smartive develops intelligent platforms to improve the operation and efficiency of the energy market. Being a smart company, we use artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data mining algorithms to provide smart and efficient solutions to our clients. We are focused on delivering intuitive, easy and attractive interfaces to provide accurate real-time data analysis to supervise, monitor diagnose and prognose the performance of wind turbines.

Accurate Technology

Our focus is the development of low cost, accurate and high quality diagnosis systems.

Disruptive solutions

Our services are different, not only in the solution, we are developing a whole client oriented service system.


All our services are totally adapted to be accessed through all the smart devices in the market.

Business Model

We have said that we are disruptive, so we have designed an innovative and affordable business model.

We have created a wide range of services and products which are based on our experience in the energy sector.


SmartCast is the most reliable tool in the predictive maintenance at low cost that is available.



SmartSCADA is the solution to the maintenance of control systems of a wind farm.



SmartBoard is a friendly dashboard & reports for customer supervision, fully customizable according to Customer requests.

Smartive itself and Jordi Cusidó, its CEO, have been recognised internationally many times for the good development of the company

2010: Extraordinary Prize of IT Doctorate by UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Awarded to Jordi Cusidó, the CEO

2011: Valortec Prize by ACCIÓ

Recognising the best business plan for a company with a technological base

2016: INCENSE Prize by ENEL

Category of technological Startup in clean tech.

2016: New Horizons Award by EEN European Comission

Recognising the most innovative company